Cupcake Wrappers

These cupcake wrappers fit a regular sized cupcake or muffin.

These wrappers SHIP flat and will require assembly.

Wrappers are for presentation purpose only, not to bake in.

Cupcakes and decorations are not included.

These liners are a great addition to wedding decor, bridal shower decor, baby showers, parties, tea parties & more.

Each pack of 10 pieces

Material: Paper

Stock Colors:

– White

– Yellow

– Red

– Pink

– Purple

– Blue

– Green

The Flowers Cupcake Wrapper


Top: 6.5 cm

Bottom: 5 cm

High: 3.5 cm



The Ducks Cupcake Wrapper


Top: 7.5 cm

Bottom: 5.2 cm

High: 4.7 cm



The Horse Cupcake Wrapper



Small size

Top: 8 cm

Bottom: 4.7 cm

High: 7 cm


Big size

Top: 9.7 cm

Bottom: 5.5 cm

High: 8 cm



The New Born Baby

(It’s a girl)

(It’s a boy)

Top: 7.3 cm

Bottom: 5.5 cm

High: 4.0 cm