Gift & Favor Boxes

The boxes ship flat and will require assembly.

These boxes are for any occasion like birthday parties, weddings, engagements, baby showers & more.

Stock Colors:

– White

– Yellow

– Pink

– Purple

– Blue

– Green

– Red

Note: Ribbons, candies and decorations are not included.

Note: Ribbons and candies can be included with a special price for UAE orders ONLY.


The Bon-Bon Box


High: 4.5 cm

Bottom: 21.5 cm (13 cm for the candies)



The Flowers Box


High: 5.0 cm

Bottom: 7.5 cm



Box With Design On Top


The Box With 3D Flower

Bottom: 8.5 cm

High: 5.3 cm

The Boxes With Flat Design

Bottom: 7.3 cm

High: 4.5 cm



The Baby’s Bottle

(Boy & Girl)


Bottom: 5.25 cm

High: 12 cm



The Lace Box

Bottom: 6.5 cm

High: 10 cm



The Exploding Box


You can add your own notes, drawings and a gift inside as you want.

– Closed

Bottom: 6.5 cm

High: 6.2 cm

– Opened

18.5 cm * 18.5 cm